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Evolution and Trends: Learning Goals

As I reflect upon my learning goals for the Evolutions Class, I am reminded as to why I enrolled in the program in the first place, which is the topic of my first blog post. I continue to frame up my learning around the idea that I am an immigrant in this world of digital vs. being born into it, so it’s less inherent in my life, although I find myself quickly adapting.  As someone growing up in traditional marketing, I am fascinated by the differences, and the similarities, of applying basic marketing principles and disciplines  to digital tools and channels.  One of the key things that I’ve gleaned on to is the importance of storytelling.  For someone who does a lot of presentations and proposals, one of my learning goals is to continue to hone my storytelling skills. I also am very involved in the marketing agency world and have been fascinated to watch this evolution.  Through this class I hope to gain the knowledge and skills to be able to ask the right questions and identify the right capabilities to bring digitally strong agencies into the fold of my work arena.

Additionally, I am fascinated by the behavior that digital media drives. I look forward to exploring how digital trends are impacting our society, for the good, bad and the ugly.  Looking forward, what are the “gotchas” that we should be watching out for?  What is the impact over time?  And what new technologies, practices and ideas will emerge that will further alter our lives?

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