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Com 546 Book Report:  Roy Church and Andrew Godley (Editors), 2003. The Emergence of Modern Marketing.  London, Frank Cass and Co.

What does Madame Tussaud, Unilever, General Motors, the Motion Picture industry have in common? Their early stories, influences and business development practices represent the economies of marketing, which was impacted by politics, war and the leaders of their time.  Their business experiences have shaped the way we think about marketing today.  The channels may be different, but the disciplines and principles are the same.

This book is a collection of 7 essays representing a historical view of businesses and the values, processes and resources that shaped modern marketing.  Each going through the cycles of real or potential disruption.  And each demonstrating the systematic marketing practices that made or broke their success.  Themes that pepper these essays include product distribution, diversification, product development, market research, selling strategies, advertising and branding. (more…)

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